"It's A Lifestyle... Make It Yours."


Full Service Design Available 

We are excited to have the opportunity to offer a listing of the many design services we can provide to assist you while you are dreaming, planning and implementing your projects.  Because we have chosen to remain a small, independent firm we have complete flexibility on the size and nature of each project we consider.  We believe that good design should be available for every project and look forward to discussing how we can work together.

Space Planning, Home Styling, Shopping

Furniture Arranging, Relocation of Art and Accessories 
Suggestions for New Furnishings 

Whether you have furnishings you love, are tired of or simply don't know if they can work in your plans for a new decor...a few hours working with us can help you make these decisions and may allow you to see your home in a new way.  This service can be done rolling up our sleeves and working together on site to make changes as suggested or we can prepare a photo spec book that shows you the options to implement when you are ready. Additionally, we welcome the opportunity to help you with a plan and purchase for new furnishings. 

Concept Planning for Projects

Plan Project Books for Any Size Project 

No matter the size or complexity of a renovation project, we can work with you to have complete specifications for your project.  Floor plans, elevations, finish specifications, trade person instructions and example photos can all be valuable for project bidding and implementation.  We also have knowledge of the availability of the best resources to complete your project and connect you with these resources.  Design fees for each project can vary.  We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss the scope of your project.

Complete New Construction Planning

How Exciting...You are Building a New Home!

If you have used a designer during the building of a previous home, we welcome the opportunity to show you the personal service we can offer for each step in the building process and the furnishing of your new home.  If you have not used a full service designer before to build, we welcome the opportunity to show you how we can work with you and your builder to create the home you envision while making the process something to look forward to.  Using a designer early in the building process can ensure your finishes and decor are the absolute compliment to each other.
Please contact us early in your new construction planning.  Due to the level of service we offer, we sometimes have to limit the number of new construction clients.

Thinking of Selling/Buyer A Home

Prepare Your Home to Sell Fast/Consider How to Make your New Home Reflect your Lifestyle

When you are ready for a change...we can help you prepare your home to appeal to the majority of buyers and sell quickly.  We look at your home through a buyers eyes and in the current sale environment.  Likewise, if you are looking at a home that may need some renovating to make it your own, we can meet you for a quick review and talk through the possibilities.