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-I am overwhelmed at all the choices available to me online, at local stores and what I see on HGTV!  I buy things I like but nothing is coming together as I imagined.  I feel like I am going in circles.


Thanks for reaching out.  You are correct......we are all overwhelmed by the endless choices available for our homes.  Our ongoing approach at Laurel Bledsoe Design is to "Plan the work and work the Plan". Using the services of a designer, together you can identify your home's assets, overcome limitations, define selection options and implement projects on realistic timelines and within budgets.  


-Help!  We've painted our living room 3 times and the color is not right.  We are using the Pottery Barn color suggestions in the catalog but they don't look the same in our house.


First of all, let me say that many of the retailers are suggesting paint colors that are market favorites.  These companies spend a lot of money, and do a good job,  testing and determining what will appeal to the largest majority of homeowners.  As a designer often I am asked to "fix the paint" and many times see several sample areas all over the walls of various hues.  Or someone calls in a panic while the painting is being done. Everything in and surrounding a room can affect the final outcome.  Natural light, Evening lighting, flooring, furnishings all come into play.  today with digital technology designers can offer suggestions quickly that will help you choose the right color the first time. We don't always have to be onsite.


-We hired a decorator who is only showing us very expensive items and not wanting to work with us if we want to shop on our own.  How does your firm work?

TS- 10/14/2016

Our approach is to work with our clients to achieve the best outcome for their projects regardless where items are purchased.   We encourage clients to be as involved in a project as they want to be and welcome a team approach.  


-My husband and I have purchased a new home and are surprised how long the designer we've hired is taking to get us plans.  We were able to get into the house prior to closing and now are 2 days to close and we have no plans.  We are worried about the move in date we have to meet.  How long does a plan take?

NW- 10/24/2016

Thank you for the question,  Because I do not know the scope of your work, nor the time the designer has been working on your plans, I can only be objective and give you some basic guidelines.  communication is most important between a designer and client when there are specific project deadlines.  many of the projects we are retained to do have such deadlines.  upon accepting a project, we discuss and all agree to realistic timelines for the design process and the implementation of the work. detailed planning can reduce the time a project takes to complete.